Family & Consumer Sciences

The course descriptions for the Family and Consumer Sciences program have been restructured to reflect the changing needs of Sharon students. Each course has a specific topic. Read each course description to make the best selection for you.

#270 Independent Living ½ credit

Balancing family, work and community, financial and resource management, food science and nutrition, and child development will be explored and analyzed by incorporating the decision-making skills and techniques needed to become a responsible adult. Careers, budgeting, applying for credit, utilizing community resources, managing a household, and learning to become responsible consumers will be vital parts of this course. A research paper and a life plan project will be required in this course.

#310 Child Care and Development 1 credit

Throughout this course, practical application of decision-making processes, responsibilities and effective parenting skills are acquired. The course work covers the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the child from birth to one year, the toddler years, and the pre-school age years. Issues of discipline, health care and safety are an integral part of this course. An after school experience with “Baby-Think-It-Over” (a newborn simulator) and child care field observations are integral parts of this course. Grades 9 – 12.

#323 Basic Culinary Arts 1 credit

Using the Food Guide Pyramid and The Recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans, students will learn basic cooking, meal management and nutritious meal planning skills. Food budgeting and consumerism, diet analysis, eating disorders, nutrition, and food science are integrated throughout this course. Food labs are an integral part of this course. Grades 9 – 12.

#328 Advanced Culinary Arts 1 credit

This is an advanced food preparation course specifically designed for the student who is planning on pursuing a culinary arts career. Concentration on advanced baking and food safety and sanitation skills along with entrepreneurship and careers in the food industry will be studied in this course. Job shadowing and a mini-business venture with proceeds going to a local charity will be required of each student.