#045 Crafts ½ credit

Crafts is a course for students who want to learn how to make creative projects using their hands. Lab work includes completing a variety of contemporary and traditional handcrafted items.

Students must furnish most of their own supplies.

Artistic initiative expected.

#048 Introduction to Ceramics ½ credit

This course introduces students to the art of ceramics. This production-oriented class will focus on the properties and preparation of clay, the means of forming clay, and the possibilities for decoration and glazing. Students use various clays and glazes while learning about the cultural and historical backgrounds of function and design of clay forms.

#049 Advanced Ceramics ½ credit

This course will further students’ understanding and ability in relationship to clay. Advanced Ceramics is a continuation of Intro. to Ceramics, with an in-depth focus on firing, glazing and forms thrown on the pottery wheel. This course also encourages students to model and sculpt as added methods of manipulating clay into functional and decorative objects. The course promotes historical and cultural influences of ceramics through student-centered research.

#191 Design 1 credit

This course provides a basic introduction to color theory, drawing principles, painting, lettering, printing methods, and design. These principles are applied to the art experience by using a variety of materials, methods and techniques.

Artistic initiative expected.

#192 Creative Art Methods 1 credit

This course involves an intermediate range of skills in both two and three-dimensional design. Students are encouraged to develop their own style of art while concentrating on drawing skills and developing design techniques.

Design #191 is recommended for those considering this course.

#193 Art Studio Procedures 1 credit

This academically based art course emphasizes developing and/or improving drawing skills while giving the student more instruction and practice in painting techniques. Students will learn about different historical styles of art while experimenting with a variety of techniques. In addition to art production, written/oral aesthetic responses to particular artwork, journals, research papers, reflection papers and articles of famous artists will be included in this course.

#194 Art Portfolio Development 1 credit

This course is tailored for seniors with career expectations in an art field as a goal. Students develop and refine their art abilities in one or more specific art areas. Focus on instruction in creating a portfolio of artwork for entrance into an art or vocational art school is the primary goal of this class.