Note that the attached schedules are subject to change.  Please verify schedule dates and times with the Sharon City School District Athletic Department.  Fans should also note that capacity limitations are in place due to COVID 19 restrictions.  Please follow all fan guidance as provided by the Athletic Department.

MS Basketball Girls - 2020                            https://5il.co/kunl

V Cross Country CoEd - 2020                        https://5il.co/kunm

V Volleyball Girls 2020                                     https://5il.co/kunn

V Tennis Girls 2020                                          https://5il.co/kuno

V Soccer Girls 2020                                         https://5il.co/kunp

JV Football 2020                                              https://5il.co/kunq

V Soccer Boys 2020                                         https://5il.co/kunr

V Golf 2020                                                      https://5il.co/kuns

V Football 2020                                                https://5il.co/kunt

MS Football - 2020                                          https://5il.co/kv09